Tips on How to Use Recreational Team Sports to Ease Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

 November 01, 2018

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Tip #7: Work hard and give endorphins a chance to kick in. Taking part in team sports isn’t comparable to running on a treadmill for an hour. There are plenty of starts and stops, as well as unscheduled interruptions. Because practices typically last a few hours, physical activity is spread throughout. As such, in order to take advantage of the endorphin release that is concurrent with 40-60 minutes of concentrated exercise you’ll need to put in a solid effort at all times. Not only will the endorphins fend off depression and anxiety symptoms, but you’ll also feel a rush from contributing more to your team.

Tip #8: Find your niche on the team. Finding your own special contribution to your team will increase your sense of self-worth. Whether it’s being a star player, or simply encouraging others to their full potential, find your place and fill it well.

While all exercise is beneficial for those fighting depression and/or excessive anxiety, recreational team sports offered by most communities also give participants the added benefits of recognition and friendship.