13 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After Work

#11 Follow a code

I have a code that no matter how exhausting or crazy my week is, I will workout at least 4 days a week NO MATTER WHAT. Even if I have to skip the gym due to late office hours, I do some body-weight exercises and cardio training when I get home. A simple 20 minute routine makes all the difference to my day. That’s my code. You need to make your own rules and your own code that you will stick to irrespective of what happens.


#12 Share your gains

Take a neat selfie of your gains and post them on Instagram. Show off your progress and your body to your friends and family. Let them see your hard work and dedication. When your friends see your progress, you will be accountable to yourself to progress further. This will keep you motivated to exercise after work and stick to your routine. Once your friends have seen your new awesome gains, you won’t want them to see your old unfit version again. Right? Plus when you look good, you feel good. Let the compliments pour in.

#13 Reward yourself for your hard work

What’s the point of making all these sacrifices if you don’t have some fun in return? Set weekly fitness goals and once you achieve them, treat yourself. Take yourself out to dinner with your friends or partner and indulge. Cheat days are GOOD. Eat whatever your heart desires. Buy some new workout clothes. Get a new pair of jeans that fit your toned waist perfectly. Get a massage. Do whatever you like. You’ve earned this. However, make sure you cheat ONLY on your cheat days, else it won’t be that fun.

Get started!


It’s not easy to go to the gym after a long day of deadlines and getting yelled at by your boss. Trust me, I know! But it will be worth it. You don’t need to put in hours at your gym. Just go for a quick 30-45 minute workout session even when you don’t feel like it. It will make you feel a lot better once you’re done and make you feel like your day wasn’t a total waste.

So make a routine and make sure you stick to it. It can actually change your life. And the awesome body you will get after a few months, that’s just a bonus. So go ahead and be a beast.

As they say, train insane or remain the same.

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13 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After Work 13 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After Work

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