13 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After Work

13 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After Work

So if you want to go to the gym straight from your office and pursue your fitness goals like a beast, then here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Remember, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

13 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After Work

#1 Pack your workout gear before going to work

Mornings are crazy. So make sure you pack your workout clothes and gear in your gym bag the night before. You can place it next to your office clothes or bag or even put it in your car so that you don’t forget it. Packing your exercise gear will give you a subconscious push that you need to go to the gym after work. Build the habit of going to the gym straight from the office. It can work wonders.

#2 Eat right

Personally, I prefer taking small meals at certain intervals. This is very hard for me as I am a junk food enthusiast. But working out means more to me than that cheesesteak burger. No. I am not asking you to eat a salad. But you know your body and you know which type of food makes you feel lazy. Snack on some healthy food like a protein bar that will give you energy instead of making you feel lazy. You don’t want to be too full or too hungry when you leave from work and before going to the gym.

#3 Drink enough water

This one’s a no-brainer but its still crucial. Drink enough water throughout the entire day. Even when you think you’ve drank enough, drink some more. Keep your body hydrated. You will need it.

#4 Have a cuppa joe

Drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon, if possible after lunch. Caffeine will give you the kick you need to exercise after work and get you pumped for your workout later. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. I am sure you don’t want to keep yourself up all night.

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#5 Change into your workout clothes before leaving office

The moment you get into your workout clothes, you send signals to your brain that you are prepared for your training session. After a long tiring day at work, feeling exhausted is natural. Changing your clothes to your exercise gear will give your brain a boost and prepare it for what’s coming next: The Gym!

#6 Get Psyched

So now you have changed your clothes but you are still not feeling it. That fire is not burning bright. Right? Screw it. Make yourself go to the gym by any means necessary. Force yourself like you would make a child to eat their greens. You know it’s good for you. So just force yourself. Tell yourself: skipping is not an option. I always feel tired and exhausted while I am stuck in traffic on my way to the gym. My mind comes up with a new excuse every minute about why I should go home. I just listen to all the well-thought of reasons my mind tells me and then I go to the gym anyways. That’s how it’s done.

13 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After Work
13 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After Work

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#7 Do not go home first

Go straight to the gym. Going back home is a bad idea. The moment you step in through that front door, you will lose whatever little motivation you had. Our home makes us feel warm, comfortable and safe. It can instantly change your mindset and make all your hard work go to waste. Don’t go home even if your gym is in your neighborhood. Just don’t.

#8 Get a gym buddy

Motivating yourself is hard work and staying motivated for after-work workout is even harder. Working out feels like a bad idea when you are having doubts about going to the gym after work on a regular basis. Getting a gym buddy or workout partner can make things easier for you as both of you can encourage each other to achieve your fitness goals. It can be your friend, your significant other or even your coworker. Having a friend is always a great idea.

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