Attention Men! 10 Solid Tips To Make Your First Date Awesome

9. Create a sense of mystery

Being mysterious is a great idea if you want to go on further dates with this girl. Being too available is an attraction killer. You want her to feel excited about the date and chase you, instead of you chasing her. Being a little mysterious will keep her interested in you and she will want to meet you again. Although you should share some aspects about yourself, make sure you don’t act like an open book. She should feel like exploring your different sides and feel an intense desire to know you. This will happen when you are being genuine and share bits and pieces about your interesting life.


10. Text her afterward

Forget the norms. If you like her and find her attractive, then get in touch with her once the date is over. You can send her a short email or a text (does anyone even call these days?) saying how much you enjoyed her company, ending with a simple thanks. This will tell her that you are interested and you liked her. Moreover, she will feel comfortable and confident enough to stay in touch with you. This could even lead to some casual flirting and before you know it…voila! You have a second date with her. If you are waiting for her to contact you first, then you need to realize she just might be thinking the same thing. So drop the ego and send that text.


6 Things you need to avoid

Now that you know what you need to do to make your first date with your special lady great, let’s take a look at some of the things that need to avoid to ensure that you don’t sabotage your date.

1. Don’t get too touchy-feely

Although it’s fine to touch her in a friendly, warm and natural way, make sure you don’t touch her sexually right away. Unless there are a connection and chemistry, keep your hands to yourself. 


2. Avoid being cheap

You don’t want to look miserly and frugal on your first date. If you are a little cash-strapped, then get creative and plan your date in a way that doesn’t need you to spend a lot of money, like going on a hiking trip.


3. Don’t be uptight. Let her split the bill

So you make a lot of money. That’s great. But you need to show her respect and appreciate the fact that she is a financially independent woman. If she insists on splitting the bill, treat her as an equal and let her pay.


4. Don’t brag

Trying to impress her and being obnoxious is not the same thing. This date is not about you tooting your own horn. Don’t brag about how much money you make or how much you bench or how many girls you’ve been with. Talk about your values and beliefs and what is important to you in life.


5. Language

You may love dropping the F-bomb a lot, but a first date is not the place for you to do that. Make sure you don’t swear and curse every now and then. Just control yourself for a few hours and behave in front of her. Don’t forget that you’re trying to impress her.


6. Don’t be too excited (or at least don’t show it)

Regardless of how excited you may be underneath to have the opportunity to date this wonderful woman, make sure you play it cool on the outside. Being too enthusiastic on a first date may send out the wrong signals and sent her running for the hills. Act confident and composed at all times, but be jovial and flexible as well.

There you have it. I hope you’re all set for your first date and hope that it goes really well. It doesn’t have to be perfect nor does it have it complicated. The two most important things that you need to keep in mind are confident and have fun. Everything else will sort itself out. 

Good luck! These first date tips will help you for sure!

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Attention Men! 10 Solid Tips To Make Your First Date Awesome

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