10 Tips For Dealing With Negative Energies At Work

negative energies at work

Think about what you need to be happy, and choose an organization that’s a good fit (if you’re a parent who wants to leave by 4pm to see your kid’s soccer game, don’t work at a start-up run by single twenty year olds who stay at the office until 8pm…unless they seem empathetic. State your needs up front and see how they react.

One billionaire’s #1 piece of hiring advice is to hire happy people. Choose teams, bosses and companies with happy people. Make hiring happy people and working for happy people a priority. It really is that simple. 

10. Don’t be a Victim. Use These Five Powerful Questions.

10 Tips For Dealing With Negative Energies At Work

Anytime you feel impacted by negative energies at work, try asking yourself the following five questions;

Hmmm, how am I contributing to this situation?

Hmmm, what is it I really want (that’s in my control and can be initiated by me)?

What am I willing to do to create that?

What is the gift or opportunity in this situation? How is this making me a better person?

What is this contrast showing me about myself and my desires? If this situation is showing me what I don’t want, how do I want to choose differently next time?

These questions will help you stop feeling like a victim and start to feel empowered to choose your own reality.

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Some of the best tools to manage other people’s negative energy involve practicing self-compassion, forgiveness and deep breathing…all of which we’ll be doing in the 15 Day Meditation Challenge!

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Written by: Vanessa Loder
Originally appeared on: Vanessaloder.com
Republished with permission.

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10 Tips For Dealing With Negative Energies At Work
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