8 Tips For Anxious Introverts To Survive Anxiety

8 Tips For Anxious Introverts To Survive Anxiety

5. Forgive yourself and let go

We deserve our own forgiveness. You might have pushed people away because of your introversion or they may have misunderstood you. Whatever it is, forgive yourself and accept that you have learned and changed a lot since then. No point in being haunted by your past.

Everyone knows how harmful and utterly pointless overthinking is, yet we all do it to a certain degree. Sadly, introverts are more likely to fall into the trap of overthinking.

If you’re an introvert who spends a considerable amount of time alone, you are familiar with how something awkward you did years back can come up randomly and make you uncomfortable and anxious.

During such moments, it is helpful to remind yourself that you are no longer the same person you were in the past. You have learned, grown, and evolved. Each one of us is changing every minute of the day. So just let go of your past.

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6. Cut yourself some slack

The harsh truth is that life as an introvert who suffers from a high level of anxiety is a constant struggle.

Our ideal day includes staying at home and avoiding people as much as possible. But reality doesn’t work that way. We need to go out there and get the work done. We need to step out of our comfort zone all the time.

Sadly, in our efforts to adopt the ways of the world and fit into an extroverted culture, we forget to appreciate ourselves and how far we have come.

What matters is that you are trying your best. That’s enough.

So take a break. A break from constantly focusing on the things in you that need work and improvement. You’ll get there. At your own pace. Sometimes, just appreciate your inner introvert.

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8 Tips For Anxious Introverts To Survive Anxiety

7. Be your own friend

We can’t live without friends! They make life less boring, they make us laugh, they make us feel whole.

What if I say that these are just constructs of an extroverted culture?

No doubt, true friendship is very valuable. But having a set of “cool” friends is just a show-off thing and does little to give us the fulfillment we seek. The truth is, only we can make ourselves feel whole.

So before you seek a special person who will magically fill that void in your life and make you feel whole and happy- learn to be your own friend. Appreciate the little things in you that you want the world to notice. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Just love and validate yourself as you are. Once you start being your own ally, you’ll see that the extroverted world feels less hostile and it’s easier to survive your anxiety.

8. Take care of yourself

My roommate is an extrovert and his need to be around people is as basic as the need for food and water. He goes nuts when alone for too long.

As introverts, what are our needs?

Primarily, we need to be alone and need some downtime to recharge. No matter how busy life gets with work, friends, family, spouse, and kids- make sure you stop and indulge in self-care activities. Take a nap, take a walk, read a book- anything that makes you feel good.

Also, rethink exercise. I know it’s hard for an people like us to deal with gym crowds and a coach who constantly pushes you to try harder. But you can try other forms of fitness routines, like yoga. Yoga includes physical poses as well as meditation and relaxation, which are proven to reduce stress and fight anxiety and depression.

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If you’re an introvert who has found some unique and helpful ways to deal with your anxiety, do share it with us in the comment section below.

Anxious Introverts
8 Tips For Anxious Introverts To Survive Anxiety
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8 Tips For Anxious Introverts To Survive Anxiety
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8 Tips For Anxious Introverts To Survive Anxiety
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