Timing is Everything.

Unsure of what the wait would bring,
hesitation and nervousness takes precedent.
However being unaware of the bliss–
should be exciting and overwhelming.

Why is it that our minds and bodies
want to create anxiety about the unknown,
rather than having belief that although,
unclear– can be rewarding.

Timing Is Everything.

Who creates this timeline of events
that happen to line up perfectly;
although not so perfect during “the wait”.

Have you ever wondered,
but when?
Will it ever?
or Why not now?

Me too.

But I’ve realized, during some moments.
Mentally, Spiritually, or Emotionally
simply… I was not ready to R E C E I V E.

Our growth, and willingness to adapt, to learn, and to embody life’s changes will help us not only manifest our desires, but genuinely reveal the reasons why we needed “the W A I T.”

—Timing is Everything. 


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