Time, it’s such a valuable thing.


Time, it’s such a valuable thing.

Yet, some fail to sense it’s usefulness. Some make time talk their language. Some let time tick them sec by sec/min by min. But, Today, you’re standing here. Thinking you couldn’t make it, how should you fake it.

Yet, today, you’re standing here. You have stepped over the stones that lay on the path of a deep ocean that our society has created from where your goals are generated . You meet mysterious creatures who leave an impact in your life, the new baby thrived.

Somehow we manage to balance ourselves and jump the stones, on our way we also bury the bones. Could you imagine what might have been? You’ve run out of time. For what? To catch a trout? Yet some mention “no time” such an easy way out. There are Numerous ways of defending no action, do you have to appeal to the bishop for his sanction?

Turn the clock, its time to make the time talk. There’s time. There are Responsibilities in line, be brave, you’ll be just fine. You have come a long way, crossed path with people who made your day. Your journey has been hard but still you managed to sail towards the dockyard. Think about the times when your heart produced beats that made your future seem blurry.

To the times when you made your parents worry, tag them along to your throw back story.

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