Time stands still when I’m with you

Time stands still when I’m with you
Rene Sweetz

Time stands still
when I’m with you
when we’re gazing
at the stars
and the moon.

Sunny Marie

My most memorable nights
are the nights that I do…
nothing, with you.

Rinku Shah

Starry night,
Seems so right
With you by my side.
My head on your shoulders so broad,
This moment couldn’t be flawed.
Time stood still,
Amidst clouds like froth n frill.
Freeze this please, just you and me
For eternity!

Karthik Parthasarathy

Sitting with you on a starry night,
Gazing at the stars snuggling in tight,
A piece of melody floating in the air,
No one nearby to disturb or care.
This is it, the moment of bliss,
The moment I wish to seal with a kiss.
Never know what time plans for us,
Right, this moment,
there is absolutely no fuss.

Hrisha Paul

We sit, look back at the time.
The starry sky displays the slides
of our togetherness.
We are in the realm of love,
where the law of space-time fails.
And I gently whisper,
“Love, we are beyond.”

Anindya J Ganguly

On the clouded tick-tock
of quintessent Time
You & I float with joyous Ecstacy
What is left of us, let it linger & stay
In the breathing remains
of a star studded sky
Weaving our black & gray,
love story.

Sulekha Pande

We all need someone in life,
with whom,
the time stops,
the stars shine down,
the galaxies are seen,
and we can be silent with..

Debra Pry

The universal kaleidoscope.
Creates a canvas of starry madness..
That time can only measure in moments.

Gopasana Surya

Let’s sit here.
Let the stars watch us
through the end of time.
Let those forever drifting heavenly bodies
feel the heaven in togetherness.

Nuhrez Khan

Let’s hold onto that moment
a little longer and not care
if time exists.

Barbara Bauer

So much love and so little time.
It is written in the stars.
Enjoy while you can.

Douglas G Rivela

Time stops
when love recognizes
that it is eternity.

Sloane Wallace

Our time together
could have been
as endless as the stars.

Maureen Zucconi


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