Through The Surrender Of One’s Egotist Self, The Mask Falls Away …..

Keith Willis 

Only time you can see
your true light is, in darkness.

Nik Zs 

Let Go of What You Are,
 to be Enlightened of
 Who You Can Be.

Melanie AndBrandon Faircloth 

Peeling away the mask
 to feel, what really Sets My Soul On Fire.

Debra Pry 

Be The Light In Your Own Darkness.

Debra L Laing

I will no longer wear the mask
that hides the internal flame of my soul.

John Kimuel Bello

I am a fading candlelight,
Alone and out of sight.
I am my sentry in the night,
Withholding to burn too bright.

Stephen Pike

Through the surrender of
 one’s egotist self, the mask falls away,
 revealing the inner flame of enlightenment
 that has been in place all along!

Anjana Surendran 

With the flickering flames
 of experiences, casting shadows
 on the sorrows and injuries.
 I am burning within
 like a candle spreading the light
of happiness around.

Karthik Chandrasekaran

Am a candle in your life….
Burning myself to guide you
 through your sorrows and darkness,
towards the path
of solace and happiness.

Lavanya Raghuraman 

Like a candle you are, they say.
Only do some realize that I melt,
I burn to give light and
 in the process,’I’ perish!

Ramya Raghuraman

Alas! My time is running out,
What could I have done better? 
In the final moments of my life,
 my internal desire to live
 is shining brighter!

Anindya J Ganguly 

With the flames raging in my mind 
I invade into my inner darkness
To dispel away all the gloom inside
I kindle a flick of hope
 with my ‘thoughtful’ self.

Sarrvesh Waran

Seeing my sacrifice might
be a heart-wrenching sight. 
But in the darkest of nights,
I shall be the light. 
I may not be a sun or a moon.
But I will make sure
that you find your path soon.
Don’t worry
 if you see me melt away.
Your destiny
 is what matters now anyway.

Kyalden Sherpa

Like a candle dies
 as it burns.
We too get old
 and die as our life runs.
So try to illuminate the darkness
and show light.
Life is all about
 living right…

Karthik Parthasarathy 

In a world filled with suns galore
providing light just so they want to glow
You are the candle that pays heed
when there is a call for support in need
You burn yourself to show light
Without you, those in need
can’t get through the night.

Rinku Shah

Every once in a while
you need to ignite
 the light within!
To keep the fire burning.
The passion churning.
Motivation at its highest,
To go farther than the farthest!

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