Three Types Of People We Should Avoid At Any Cost

Three Types Of People We Should Avoid At Any Cost

From the very beginning, everyone taught us to help others. Sharing and caring and all those proverbs which make you believe that mankind only grows by staying together as a whole. But as we are growing, we should understand that everything has a good and bad side, the Yin and Yan of the system.

Sometimes, people make you and sometimes they break you, so be wise in choosing what you want.

Chanakya, a great, ancient, Indian philosopher and economist, decoded in his book, Neeti Shastra, about the three types of people we should avoid at any cost.

1. Foolish: Sometimes, the inner angel in us thinks that we can share our knowledge to make this person better. We invest our time and energy and get toxic behaviour in return. A foolish person will never be able to understand your efforts, so we should always stop ourselves from spending our precious time on a fool.

2. Bad Character People: If you are in contact with such people, turn away as soon as possible. We are able to know if a person has a bad character, but still, we stay with them for our personal reasons or we can say selfish reasons. We must understand that bad character people have the potential to make you like them, even if you are well aware on a subconscious level that they influence you. After all, you can not make a good deal with a bad person.

3. Forever Sad People: The one who is not satisfied is forever sad, and we should stay away from them. We should not share our time with them. These forever sad people always curse everything around them, and usually, are very jealous of everyone around them. Their thoughts are a giant volcano of dissatisfaction and jealousy, so try to avoid them, or else they will burn you too.

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