The Three Parts Of The Mind: How It Affects Your Decisions & Your Life

The Three Parts Of The Mind: How It Affects Your Decisions & Your Life

When it came time to write his autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, Schwarzenegger, had a hard time remembering the timelines and particulars of his life. He had to call upon others who kept photographs and notes. Remembering these details was difficult because Schwarzenegger kept his focus forward. With each step along his path, he concentrated on where he was and where he was going.


Bring awareness to your mind

It is important that you get to know these two parts of your mind. Awareness demands it. Many people get stuck in the critic and make their lives miserable. Nothing is right, everything is cruelly judged, and they maintain focus on the “wrongs” of the world. Yet at any moment you can make another choice. Step back; take note of your situation, and decide what action is needed. This is the decision-maker. Performer. Learning to ascertain facts versus the dramatic conclusions of the critic is imperative if you are to achieve mastery. You are always the decision-maker.

It is important that you recognize your susceptibility to negativity. Often it shows up as other people, perhaps even your family. Negativity is toxic. You must identify it and counteract it. Whether the negativity is yours or others, you have the ability to protect yourself and move beyond it. There are many people who exist as lazy, indifferent and willing to accept all suggestions that harmonize with their own weaknesses. It gives them an excuse to stay weak. So attention is warranted. Will power is the ability to use your will to make decisions.


Decide. Choose. Ask.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” – Lao Tzu

You must make decisions in life. What direction do you choose to go to? By developing habits that maintain positivity, you are deliberate in building inner strength (like Schwarzenegger and others) and keep yourself from caving into the critic. The most common weakness is the habit of leaving your mind open to the negative influence of others and that includes the broadcast news. If you become unconscious of this tendency, you are cursed to work harder to achieve your goals. The idea is to spot negativity and close off to it immediately. You want to live in high vibrancy, not low, depressed energy. You are not a lazy person.

This is the work that must be done to master your mind and operate as a decision-maker. It is your life. Make the best of it. Ask yourself, what do I know for sure in this situation, about this person? What am I making up, reacting to, or assuming? Don’t decide what to do until you have sorted fact from fiction or illusion.

When you are caught up in the critic, you can draw conclusions based on your past – who does this person reminds you of, what is my issue? Am I experiencing jealousy or competition? None of these deductions will be accurate. The performer has clarity about what he wants and where he is going. When he spots an obstacle he begins to calculate his options. What will it take to blast through it, climb over it, sidestep it, or reduce it to rubble? When you decide your course of action, there will always be a way to accomplish it.

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.” – John Milton

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Written by Jean Walters
Originally appeared in Spiritual Transformation1


The three parts of the mind can change your life

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

The three parts of the mind work in tandem and it is up to you to decide which aspect of your mind you will give more value to. Whether you will listen to your inner critic and shut yourself or whether you will feed the performer and step up to achieve your goals, it depends on you. 

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