Your thoughts shape your vision it’s your decision

Your thoughts shape your vision it's your decision
Rinku Shah 

Your thoughts shape your vision
It’s your decision.
Positive or Negative
It’s your prerogative!


Debra Pry 

Negative thoughts
poison the mind.
Keep positive,
and keep your vision clear. 


Swati Chauhan 
Vices of the mind, 

poisoning the eyes.
Tainting every serene thing we see,
Introspection is the antidote,
To the mind on an evil spree.


Anjana Surendran 

Poisoned vision eradicating
all those sense of humanity
coated with venom of humility. 


Vikas Limvo 

Negative minds only sees 
the negative sight.


Sulekha Pande 

The serpentine coils,
that we harbour in our minds,
fill us with poison,
smearing our vision,
we see what the serpent
wants us to see,
we lose our freedom of thought,
remove it, before it’s too late,
or our lives can measure up to naught..


Anindya J Ganguly 

With a Serpent’s vision
The devil burns the world.
It destroys & demolishes
Joy, hope & happiness
That Blooms in our mind
Converting up into zombies
Breathing narcissism & vile.

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