Thoughts of a South African girl

Thoughts of a South African girl

We might not have a lot to offer,

we are no threat to the world.

Mistakes were made in the past,

lives taken and dreams shattered.

Now the minority is scattered,

fleeing the country fast.

Outside in we curled.

Too much to suffer.
Countless complaints and cries,

government doesn’t see urgency.

Just a few murders, but none related.

It’s becoming an emergency,

because all these are lies.
Murders did not drive farmers away,

now taking farms without compensation.

Three farms seized till now.

This leaves a lot of hesitation,

should we give up or stay?
The thing is I can’t turn back time,

I can’t erase all the unjust.

I wish I could, because I never agreed.

But this ‘Kill the boer’ lust,

surely must be some sort of crime?
My forefathers were extremely unfair,

they even bordered on cruelty.

Separate spaces for separate races.

Treated worse than poultry.

Nothing was there to share.
In 1994 we became equal,

human rights applied to all.

Finally the past is where it belongs.

All went well, then came the sequel.

Apartheid reversed: Whites must fall.
Previously disadvantaged gets first chance,

I agreed with this concept.

After 24 years, was that not enough time?

To get a new start and no debt,

but this was not the last dance.
Riding the wagon of disadvantaged,

because the rich becomes richer,

the poor becomes poorer.

Stuck. We need a snitcher,

to release secrets of the mismanaged.
It is easy to blame the minority,

it is easy to say we don’t belong here,

but for 24 years it’s not our fault.

We are living in constant fear.

Please spare us some dignity.
Old people beaten black and blue,

women and children being raped,

men being shot in front of their families.

Torturing continuing for hours on end.

Leave us alone for Heavens sake!

Rather take us to court and sue.
South Africa

…such a beautiful place,

…rich in so many different ways,

…is a home to all big and small.

I beg the world to prevent this downfall

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