Those Unsaid Words

Those Unsaid Words

The long lonely cold midnight

And silence offered me a company that night

We flipped the pages of the old diary

They still smelled sweet like cherries

He asked me what were the things I remembered often the most

Well, I told simply that the one which seemed to be so close

Those memories danced like immortal petals

It ain’t about colours that made it so special

But, because they dripped the drops of honesty

Something rare in a real-life story

The unfathomed blue skies we chased bit by bit

And let ourselves drown into it

Not knowing where was the start and where it would end

We enjoyed the best of our time yet never spoke our mind

Hidden in each other’s smiles those unsaid words behind

Yet, I always waited for an answer or just a call

Even it was not meant to be, I won’t be hard on myself at all

Cause I still hope your feelings for me would never fade away

And I am sorry I have nothing more to say.

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