This Mercury Retrograde: Could it Bring War?

Mercury is Retrograde from Saturday, August 12th to Sunday, September 3rd.

This retrograde is particularly ominous because the anger and war-like threats of Mars (which rules war) have already begun. They started right after the Aug. 8th Lunar eclipse when President Trump made his brash and war-like threat to the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, saying that any hostile acts “will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” The Korean leader harshly responded that he was considering firing missiles at Guam.

To add to this theme of potential war, we will have the Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21, which will conjunct Mars, in the fire sign of Leo. To make matters worse, this eclipse falls on Donald Trump’s natal Ascendant and Mars, which could turn his angry threats of starting a war into a reality. We are set for a real cosmic drama. Let’s just hope and pray that it doesn’t turn into a tragedy.

Another possibility is that Trump may become extremely upset in response to news that comes out of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller’s Russia/Trump Campaign Investigation, and impulsively act against him.

As for your life—while you probably won’t encounter sharks during these 3 weeks…you will need to be careful and aware in the way you operate your life. Avoid angry people and situations that may arouse your own anger. This is retrograde to slow down, think before you act and be diplomatic if you have any upsetting encounter with people. Expect to experience delays, miscommunications, and problems with equipment, telephones, computers, and cars.

Take precautions. Be patient and pay special attention to the way you communicate with others. (Watch what you say on FB & Twitter.) Don’t sign contracts.

Use these 3 weeks to slow down and re-evaluate your decisions before you make them. There’s something you may not know—that you will when Mercury goes Direct on September 3rd.

Good luck, my friends 😀 Larry


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