Why You Suddenly Miss Me

you suddenly miss me

5. You Miss Me Because I Always Put You Before Myself 

For you, I was the person to get away from your depressing surroundings, and nothing more than a distraction. In the midst of a hectic workday, I was the cute text that kept you going. I was the reassuring morning call before a presentation, the smile that kept you sane.

Even if something you did hurt me, I put my ego aside and gave our relationship another chance. I did all of this because you meant the world to me. I changed myself for you, and for both of us. I made you my priority and now you miss me because no one else does these things for you.

6. You Miss Me Because You Realized You Lost The One Who Truly Loved You 

When you sit back and retrospect about all the times you were wrong, stubborn, frustrated, and failed to understand me. You left because I felt too much for you. But it’s too late now to realize that you’ve lost the one and only person who loved you.

Behind that smile, I knew who you were. I accepted all of your flaws, weaknesses, and insecurities. Even when you were difficult to understand, I accepted you wholeheartedly.

I assumed you didn’t want me. Now it appears that you have every reason to miss me.

Why You Suddenly Miss Me
Why You Suddenly Miss Me

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The Takeaway

When you miss someone the feeling may be painful. It’s also an isolating experience. You think about them all the time. And the more you try not to think about them, the more you find yourself doing so. And sometimes you wonder if they miss you as much as you miss them.

It’s difficult for you to focus on anything other than thinking about them. Talk to them if you want to let everything out without worrying about what could have been. Don’t ponder in regret, instead tell them how you feel.

This Is Why You Suddenly Miss Me
Why You Suddenly Miss Me
Why you suddenly miss me
you suddenly miss me pin
Why You Suddenly Miss Me

31 thoughts on “Why You Suddenly Miss Me”

  1. Avatar of Oonagh Oonagh

    “No one will ever love you like I did” I beg to differ – these are the words of a control freak – damaging words, which imply the person is unlovable…

  2. Avatar of Belinda

    I’ve been through some pretty horrible relationships, learned a lot of hard lessons, have a hand full of some pretty amazing memories. I am glad that I look loved with every inch of my being.. Because that’s me and that’s a beautiful thing …

  3. Avatar of John

    Good article, but I have to disagree with it. Yes sometimes a guy does make a mistake in breaking up with a woman that did everything for him, but if that’s the case then most men won’t leave. There are times when you miss someone that was mistreating you. The world of relationships is not so black and white.

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