5 Good Reasons To Stop Arguing With A Narcissist

Good Reasons Stop Arguing Narcissist

3. Narcissists are bullies

A narcissistic person can go to great lengths to bully and intimidate you. You can only win against a narcissist if they want to make you believe that you have won. They never shy away from fighting dirty. From name-calling to low-blows, they can use anything in their arsenal to put you down. They may even resort to physical violence to win the argument. Carrie adds “If you try to defend yourself, then you will be accused of being the emotional one and initiator of the argument.

5 Good Reasons To Stop Arguing With A Narcissist
5 Good Reasons To Stop Arguing With A Narcissist

4. Narcissistic people are expert liars

Even if you present facts and evidence, they will deny everything and confidently lie on your face making you doubt yourself. “A narcissist will lie about anything and everything. Then, in order to confuse you about the situation, they will claim what you said never happened and use gaslighting to disorient you,” explains relationship Consultant Carrie Wynn. A narcissistic person can manipulate any situation and anyone and make it seem like they are the victims and make you look like the abuser instead. 

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5. You can’t win against their bullsh*t

You can’t use logic, facts and justification in a nonsensical argument. Narcissists do not argue in a mature or healthy manner. They fight ugly and dirty as their main goal is to break you and win. Carrie writes “You will be unable to have a calm and mature argument with them. They will often become extremely upset and aggressive.” Sooner than later, the discussion will consist only of illogical and meaningless rants. At times, you won’t even understand what they are talking about.

You can’t beat a narcissistic person at their own game

5 Good Reasons To Stop Arguing With A Narcissist
5 Good Reasons To Stop Arguing With A Narcissist

Although it’s natural for us to react and defend ourselves when someone is falsely accusing and blaming us, it is crucial that you resist the temptation. They are born to be toxic and negative. They are master abusers and manipulators. As they are aware of their feeble ego, they can go to any length to create ego-boosting sources.

Dan Neuharth, Ph.D. MFT explains “Trying to beat them in a war of words or adopt their techniques is akin to an amateur going up against a seasoned pro. It won’t feel good, and it rarely works. Instead, be you and be true to your values.

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This Is Why You Should Stop Wasting Time Arguing With Narcissistic People
Good Reasons Stop Arguing Narcissist Pin
5 Good Reasons To Stop Arguing With A Narcissist
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