This is Life. It’s the madness that makes it memorable.


If you’re having a hard week; if your mind is playing tricks on you; if it just seems as if it a getting more and more difficult to stay afloat,

Take a step back, loosen your hold on the present and notice the tension you’re holding in your body. Relax your shoulders. There is not need to stay on alert right now. You are safe.

You are safe in your own body.

Find yourself.

Be comfortable.

Breathe in goodness, breath out negativity. Every next breath is a moment promising endless possibility.

Let your senses register all the unease.

It’s a process.

Please remember, you are alive.

Like a wave in the vast ocean,

You will keep moving.

You will move forwards.

Reach out as far as your heart will take you. You might feel as if you are sinking right this second but remember, the ocean is never afraid of it’s depths.

Fighting armies on a daily basis, you can’t expect to always win.

Yet, celebrate every little victory.

And take every defeat.

Wake up every morning as an upgraded, stronger, wiser version of yourself.

Know that, by getting out of bed every morning and allowing all the promise of the new day to flood into you, you’ve already won.

In your darker moments, know that, at least, you will never have to do today again. Yesterday might creep, but it will never catch up to you and what’s more is, you will always have tomorrow.

Your life will be rich with moments, not all of them you will enjoy. Still, embrace the unease. Savour every second and pay attention to how your heart reacts to life.

Find out what ticks you, what moves you, what set your soul on fire.

And always, always take care of yourself, first.

Everything else can’t wait.

This is life. It’s the madness that males it memorable.

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