5 Ways You Are Perfectly Ruining Your Life

5 Ways You Are Perfectly Ruining Your Life

4. You are ruining your life by comparing it with others.

Your friend has a job, a settled family, a well-furnished house, lots of possessions and a luxurious lifestyle. What do you have? A life you want to end, failures, broken heart, unemployment and a merely decent place to stay. Nothing much to boast about, to yourself or to others. If this is how you view your life then you haven’t thought of people who are at a worse position in life than you are in. It is our human tendency to catastrophize our problems and also view other people in better condition.

Now, look at your life in a positive light – you have your parents with you, a shelter to live, some foods to eat, a life worth living, mental peace, contentment, and happiness. Does it seem better? Always try to focus on the positive side of your experience spectrum.

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5. You are ruining your life by living it on someone else’s terms.

Do not let people’s success drive you crazy, other people’s relationships make you feel lonely or the possessions of others make you feel worthless. Everyone has their own timeline. Never stop working hard for the dreams that define your life’s purpose. If you want to heal the world of its sickness, do it. Do not stop at anything unless you reach your determined destination. Life is once and for all. It will never come back. Then why live someone else’s life? Fall in love with yourself and dance to your own tune.

This is how you Ruin your life
5 Ways You Are Perfectly Ruining Your Life
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