The Way You Express Emotions Based On Your Zodiac Sign




(Sep 21- Oct 20):

This zodiac has a problem of showing emotions and they have a great reason for it. Most Librans care for others and do not want to cause any trouble. They just want to have a smooth sailing without ever rocking the boat. Most Librans have repressed emotions that can backfire later and cause damage in social relationships.




(Oct 21- Nov 20):

These people have mood swings that are very overwhelming and can blow up on the face. Scorpios don’t always know how to cope with strong feelings. They have a volatile and short temper and its better to steer clear of any emotional backlash. Scorpios love getting revenge and are always on the good side of the law. They often bottle up their emotions and it’s better to stay away from any outpouring of anger.



(Nov 21- Dec 20):

This is a fire sign that shows a lot of passion and many blow off steam when they get an opportunity. It is better to revisit the problem later that rake it up now and there.


Capricorn :

(Dec 21- Jan 20):

These are shy people and care a lot about what others think of them. They are faced with heavy emotions and often over analyze a lot more than what is necessary. They retreat inwards and have repressed feelings inside of them. They often get mired in negativity and do look at the silver lining.


Aquarius :

(Jan 21- Feb 20):

Aquarians do not deal well negative and troublesome emotions and always try to keep busy and distracted. They are able to channel their emotions and help others in times of need.



(Feb 21 – Mar 20):

This is the most sensitive and dreamy of zodiac sign which has a lot of bottled emotions and sadness inside of their hearts. If they do not deal with negative feelings, Pisceans can then over analyze and end up in a neurotic mess. They need to channel their heaviness into something productive and stay focused in the right state of mind.



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