This Is How We Lose People In Our Life And What to Do About It!

So, decide what you want to live with; would you live with your partner and be happy or would you live with your ego and gradually see everyone walking out of your life?

The ball is in your court and it is time for you to decide how you would place it. So, follow your heart and make your relationship stronger by bowing down before your partner when you have done something wrong.

Trust me; by doing so, you will become the happiest couple in the world!

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This Is How We Lose People In Our Life And What to Do About It!

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  1. Everything happens 4 a reason . either u lose good one or bad one, if he iz good dn he wll nevr let u go or if bad datz good for sometimes coz of misundrstnding dey wll broke up evry relation ,so try to make clear the actual issue nd reason of mishappngs..dnt let the 3rd one to take undue advantage of two ppl relation…

  2. People that truly love you won’t let you just go.. They will understand you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. The ones that turn back moment after you turn your backs on them are cowards and will sooner or later let you down. Its better to walk alone then with weak people. You do not need week people in your life because they will drain you and you will have to protect them and fight their battles but when you get ambushed by* shitstorm all they can do is run, dropping their rifle and equipment just so they can run faster, only thing they will keep is their armor to protect their corrupted hearts. Time will prove who is warrior and who is coward, and Universe will divide and put walls between them. Heroes only walk with heroes there is no place for cowards among our lines 🙂


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