This Is How To Make 2019 The Best Year Of Your Life

This Is How To Make 2019 The Best Year Of Your Life

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.’ -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Let’s be real, we all have dreaded how 2019 was a crappy year, we have lost legends to the stars and the entire Trump and Presidency episode has left the world in awe. Then again it’s just a matter of personal opinion. You and I might be on the same page, but some can have their own point of view as well.

Instead of really feeling pity for our current status quo, why not try some old book tricks– finding joy in littlest of little things, enjoy the rain, a conversation over a hot cup of coffee to really light up our 2019. Why not just drag ourselves out from that dark and cold pit, “2018” and embrace the light that the rising sun of the 1st day of the new year is gonna shine upon us.

Here is a few nitty-gritty of life, from “The Minds Journal” to help you have a wonderful year ahead.

1) Don’t Wait Until ‘Tomorrow’ to Start Something New:

Have a plan? execute it. Want to try something new? Try it. Don’t wait until tomorrow to get your things done. Never ever delay or postpone your plans. It will not just get your things done on time, but will also inculcate your mind with a sense of satisfaction and a great deal of appreciation for your own selves. So all you couch potatoes, get up and do it right away.

2) Love Thyself.

Not to sound fancy or anything, but we all have come across this phrase once in our lifetime. Well, it is in fact quite a valid phrase, which we have totally forgotten to comprehend. Stop complaining already, if you don’t have that perfect body or a smooth skin and so on. We are real persons and not an image to be photo-shopped. So please, accept the way you are, because you are perfect and love yourself.

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3) Take Pride in Yourself.

Definitely not in a stingy way, but to give yourself a pat on the shoulder when you achieve something good is absolutely alright. Got a promotion? Or finally splurged on a new dress? Then feel good about it. Do not ever belittle yourself to exalt someone else’ expectations. There is no harm in taking credits for your own effort. You earned it, so be proud of it.

4) Give Your Social Media Account a Rest.

We cannot deny how social media or the internet itself has shaped our day-to-day activities. We become totally oblivious when scrolling that mobile screen and end up ignoring important things– forgetting to feed your dog, forgetting to unplug your hair straightener or might got late to your best friend’s birthday party. Give it a rest. Spend some real-time, with real people and not just your virtual friends.

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5) Focus on Your Own Flaws:

“People living in glass houses should never throw stones”. Yes, exactly what it means. Be a better person, focus on your own flaws and work on it. Do not judge or criticize others just for your own amusement. Try to understand the other person, learn their story and accept them the way they are. Never ever base your judgments on stereotypical notions. So be as awesome as you can.

6) Be Careful with Money:

New I-phone on the market or new collection by your favorite designer– sounds tempting, isn’t it? The time we just cannot hold our money in our wallets. Well, no one is to blame. it is definitely hard to resist such materialistic temptations. But, be more calculative with money, spend on necessity, save up for your child’s college education and try not to hog on something which you already own.

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