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This Is How I Will Love You

I will love you till the end of time. 

I will love you in ways you can never forget. I will love you with every bit of me, with my soul, my body, my mind, and my heart. My love for you will be the kind of love that the world has never witnessed before. My love for you will bloom, gradually, beautifully yet so full of fragrance, the essence of which will spread across both of our lives. I will love you like you never knew love to be.  I love you like a whirlwind, sweeping you off the ground; I will love you like the morning sun, warm and soothing; I will love you like a cool breeze, wild and free. I will love you like an old soul, brimming with affection for you.

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I will love you every day, every time you are born again. I will love all the versions of you – the childlike, the matured, the dreamer, the believer, the struggling you. I will love the mess in your head and the valor in your heart. I will forget what you did and where you came from. I will only remember the shine in those big puppy eyes, the smile dissolving across your face, and the way you make me feel. I will always remember the tantalizing feel just the mere apprehension of touching you gives me. I will bask in the spreading warmth I feel in my heart every time my eyes behold you. I will love you for all the things you never did, all the things you never said. I will love you for knowing that I am here to stay to hold your hand when we walk upright in life. I will love you in a way people stick to hope. I will love you as I have never loved anyone even in my dreams.

I will love you with no ifs and buts. I will love you more and more each day. I will love you without fear, without resentment, without expectations. The love you will naturally shower on me will be my holy grail. I will love you as if I lost myself. I will love you with no sense and reason. I will love you to set an example of what love can be like. In a generation that views love as an escape from the harsh truth, I will show the world that love is the truth. Love is a reality.

I will love you, too much, to never see tears in your eyes or frown on your forehead. I will love you enough to never leave your side, be it in tough times or times you have fun. I will irritate you, fight with you, and make love to you. Loving you will be my pleasure. I will love you as much as I am capable of. I will love you enough to see through the pain in your eyes even if you have a smile on your lips. I will love you in silence and in words.

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Most importantly, I will love you because I was meant to do nothing otherwise.

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For me, love makes the world go round. A hopeless romantic by heart, I believe love is the best thing about us, and most of the time I am inclined towards writing about that.
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