How Does Emotional Neglect Affect A Child: 5 Steps

Emotional Neglect Affect Child

The problem for Althea is that scenes like the two above do not punctuate her growing up years, they define her growing up years. Althea’s mom is usually irritable and almost always in a hurry, breaking up Althea’s joy as if there is something selfish or indulgent about being happy.

Initially, a bright, happy child, Althea has learned that she should keep her joy under wraps, and her needs minimal. At age 11 she has already learned that she is on her own.

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How Does Emotional Neglect Affect A Child?

Here are 5 Steps:

  1. The child receives the message that all or some of his feelings and emotional needs are not tolerated or accepted in his childhood home.
  2. The child builds a wall to block off her emotions, so as not to burden her parents.
  3. The child realizes that he is alone in the world, and must solve his own problems and meet his own needs.
  4. Likely the child’s parents to come through for him emotionally sometimes, in certain situations.
  5. The child grows up recalling the times her parents were there for him. She has little to no awareness of the endless everyday moments when her joy was killed, her anger squelched, or her needs ignored.

Emotional Neglect can happen in an infinite variety of different ways. But no matter how it happens in your household, Emotional Neglect is the silent killer of a child’s spirit.

Althea’s well-meaning parents worked hard and provided their children with all they needed materially.

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They took care of everything externally, but they could not give their children what they did not have themselves: emotional awareness, emotional validation, and true emotional nurturance.

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Written by Dr. Jonice Webb This article originally appeared on Dr. Jonice Printed with permission

When a child experiences emotional neglect, which goes on for a prolonged period of time, they start believing it to be normal and something that they probably deserve. What many people fail to realize is that emotional neglect can have far-reaching consequences on a person’s mental health, and well into their adult lives. Childhood emotional neglect can truly dampen a child’s spirit and break their heart.

If you want to know more about emotional neglect in childhood, then check this video out below:

This Is How Emotional Neglect Affects A Child
How Does Emotional Neglect Affect A Child: 5 Steps
Emotional Neglect Affect Child pin
How Does Emotional Neglect Affect A Child: 5 Steps
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