Zodiac Signs and Their Toxic Habits, When In A Relationship

 April 09, 2018

Zodiac Signs and Their Toxic Habits, When In A Relationship


Libra –

Libras are very good at taking care of problems. But this makes them prone to look for problems even where there aren’t any. More problematic than that, they take it upon themselves to ‘fix’ their partners too. Just because someone isn’t as organized or tidy as you doesn’t mean that they need a lesson in planning and management. You need to let people be their own individual. Imposing your own expectations on them will not help anyone. And on that note, you are not perfect yourself. Try introspecting and working on yourself rather than worrying about your partner.


Scorpio –

Scorpios have zero tolerance when things don’t go the way they planned. It can be quite tiring to keep up with the expectations of a Scorpio. And the fact that they have the habit of blowing up at the drop of the hat just makes everything worse. You are not dating a machine. Your partner is human and has flaws by default. You need to be a lot more understanding and patient if you want your relationship to blossom.


Sagittarius –

Sagittarius bring misery upon themselves and by no fault of anyone else. They really have low self-esteem and they keep playing on it. They always feel that they are lacking in one aspect or the other and that just makes them very negative about everything. Your partner doesn’t expect you to be perfect, but even they can’t be blamed if you bring so much negativity in the relationship. You need to learn your own self-worth and stop putting yourself down. Only then can you be truly worthy of your partner.


Capricorn –

Capricorn has the ability to take on the world all by themselves. They are so used to being their own boss that they sometimes forget that being in a relationship means that one has to be vulnerable and open in front of their partners. You don’t need to guard yourself against your partner. You have to trust them enough to let them break your walls and know the true you. 


Aquarius –

Aquarius has this thing that doesn’t let them stand up for themselves. They think that they are being the bigger person and letting their partner have whatever they want, but in reality, they are just being a pushover. You don’t have to agree to anything that makes you unhappy. It will only fester and bring dysfunction in the relationship. Learn to make your voice heard and your concerns visible in the relationship. Being trampled upon is in no way equal to being loved.


Pisces –

Pisces are known to be creative and have a flair for drama. But sometimes if their drama needs are not met they go out looking for it when there isn’t any. This might make them invade the privacy of their partner. And that is just the beginning of the many troubles that they can bring upon themselves. You need to stop letting your thoughts get ahead of you, and respect the privacy of your partner.