This Goes Out to the Ones Who Remain Unmasked

This Goes Out to the Ones Who Remain Unmasked

I just wanted to say thank-you so much to the universe for blessing me with one of the most real and beautiful creations to ever live. You didn’t hesitate to be completely genuine, open and honest with me from day one so that I could feel comfortable enough to let you in. I never let ANYONE in… It was so natural with you it took me a while to even realize that for the first time in my life, my soul was guard free and happily dancing with yours without a single second thought or warning from my intuition. I’m so used to being so mentally exhausted from constantly lying and putting on my “mask” just to guard my thoughts and feelings from others so they wouldn’t get torn up any more, I would scribble on a fake smile and assure everyone “I promise I’m fine!” I am not used to seeing anyone else living without their mask on and I never thought I would ever be myself in front of anyone else. You gave me that. A place where I can come home, peel off this uncomfortable mask, step back into the real me and let myself bleed through. You gave me a place where I can be sad, mad, hurt, anxious, worried, relaxed, deep, confused, lost, outspoken, loud, creative, sleepy, restless, poetic and a place where real EFFORTLESS LOVE between us constantly flourishes so that I can grow into the woman that I was always meant to be. If only everyone had real, raw, unconditional and effortless love from at least one other person… Maybe then the world would heal.

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