What To Do When She Thinks You’re Creepy

When She Thinks You’re Creepy

First, whenever someone calls someone else creepy or acts in a creeped out way that really bothers you, stay with your feelings. Witness them the way you would watch a movie or a listen to music: trying to follow, to understand, to empathize… not to change, control, or explain away. Emotions need to be felt in order to be released. Watch the thoughts that come up when the Creepy Trigger is pulled; this will lead you to any unresolved shame or fear around your identity as a man so that you can resolve it once and for all, and feel good about yourself. You deserve it 🙂

Second, empathize with the person who is feeling creeped out. Try and remember that they are experiencing real fear, which they did not choose, and which is not pleasant. They’re not doing it on purpose, and if they could choose to feel otherwise, they would. As hard as it may be, try to remember that this is a person who is suffering. That alone will change the energy you’re projecting.

You can’t control how another person views you, or reacts to you and your energy. You can choose to love yourself, care for yourself, and be gentle with yourself when the hurts of the world arise. Doing so is transformative, and enables you to start sending out a very different message.

So the next time you get the sense that someone thinks you’re creepy, be kind to yourself. It’s really an opportunity to turn a shitty situation into gold.

And you deserve that.

From the heart,

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When She Thinks You’re Creepy pin
What To Do When She Thinks You’re Creepy

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