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Hello, I just was thinking out loud again. Each day we get up and have to fight some demons. There is no one that does not have some demon sitting beside them. They are just different sizes and colors. We may think the other person is happier, got more money or got the best in life. But here is the truth, if we had to wrestle another’s demon, you would want yours back. Because until you do, you will not understand what their daily struggle is like. Some of the happiest people have the biggest Red demon sitting next to them whispering things in their ears. They fight a good battle every day. They just do not give in to the demon . Sometimes the demon wins. Some days they can keep it in a box. So we need to remember this as we go through our day. Be thankful that you win some days. And you get back up after your demon kicks your feet out from under you. The point is to get up, do not stay down. Dance with your own demon, and do not judge others when they dance with theirs. Be more understanding, and if you can not, at least just walk away. Leave them in peace. We never know how big their demon is until it wants to dance with you. If you draw it’s attention to you, one day it just might want to date you. Just thinking out loud today.

The Verbal Dragonfly


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