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Thinking with the Heart
By: Vanessa Rivera, Clarity Coach

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I am reading for the third time The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This book touches my life in a very unique way. The plot is about a man in search for his personal legend. He leaves everything he knows behind, in search for the life he has dreamed of. This pursuit brings him to find courage, creativity, curiosity and incredible strength in himself to live an amazing adventure. I can relate to his story in a very profound way. I left a life of “certainty” more than a year ago in search of what I thought was my happiness. There is no pursuit to it, which is one of the greatest lessons I have learned.
In the book, the central character Santiago finds himself experiencing love, courage, kindness, strength, difficulties, sadness, letting go, detachment (from others, old beliefs, limiting ways) and constantly grows in his search for truth. Although he does not know where he will end up, or what will come, he has complete faith in himself and the universe (God, energy, light) that he is exactly where he needs to be.
I will not give away the ending or more of his journey, I believe this is a book to explore and enjoy for each one of us. What I will say is that, throughout his journey, it seems he does not let anything or anyone pull him into a different direction; he is completely guided by his heart.
I have had various people ask me when do you know it is the heart guiding you and when do you know it is the mind? I believe we always know. It is a simple as being still and quiet and observing your thoughts. Letting feelings come up and paying attention to the emotions that arise within you. That’s why it is important to feel, to understand our emotions and to accept our feelings. This is our life’s compass and once we hear them, we know what’s the next step to take next.
This does not mean that difficulties or situations will not come up in your life, what this means is that every situation will have the best outcome for your personal journey. I have always thought that life is easy and we complicate it. I am not so sure about the complicate part, I now believe it is if you think with your mind it will be more effort, struggle and yearning. If you think with your heart, it will come from a place of certainty and empowerment.
Think about it, close your eyes and think of a situation you are encountering right now that you must make a decision on. Now, close your eyes again and feel the situation, let the emotions come up, understand them. Feeling the situation can be uncomfortable at times because you are waiting for something to come up and solve it. Feeling it makes us aware of where we are standing in this situation, of our truth regarding this particular event, person, experience, etc. Santiago, the character in The Alchemist finds himself in various situations where he needs to make choices that will change his life’s journey. These are choices that in that moment define the next moment of the rest of his journey. Of course we are all making these choices every moment of our lives, consciously or unconsciously we are deciding.
I invite you to explore making choices, feeling the moment and aligning it with your thinking. It will be as if you have a seal of approval, to make that choice. In that moment you are choosing with your heart.

Light and love,


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Nicely written. Very true!

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