Think Like a Warrior, Feel Like a Poet!

Once you have filled out a page, notice how a sense of nourishment arrives as you’ve now created a space to receive! This is the receptive aspect of the feminine. There is a clearing and a depth of clarity created through this ’emptying out’ process.

A daily journaling practice helps us develop our ‘voice’ and evaluate our needs better, it gives us a container in which we can clearly express ourselves. This leads to being better able to communicate our needs to other people and to reacting more calmly to external triggers.
Deepen the relationship with yourself. Allow nourishment to arrive by clearing space. Gain control over your unconscious reactions. Connect to your emotional body now!

I have a quest coming up to help you with this process! ‘Enter the Dragon’s Cave’ an 11 Day Writing Challenge to Awaken the Shero Within.’ Join now! Take the quest with other sensitive souls and awaken your warrior spirit! Join my private Facebook group: Warrior Training for the Sensitive Soul. It starts soon!

Daily journaling practice leads to deep wisdom gained as Shakti, the divine feminine is your inner intelligence. Find the stillness within the chaos, find the right action within the stillness.

 The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest. – Bruce Lee

Think like a warrior, feel like a poet! Experience this transformation and heal your Self!

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