5 Things That True Leaders Should NEVER Do


4. Giving Ultimatums

Now, you might just be passing a message or making the team aware of a new policy, however, if you straightaway tell them the consequences of not doing something, they might feel that they are being controlled or oppressed. An employee feeling controlled or oppressed is not at all a good thing. Instead of doing this, try to explain to them the scenario and the reason why they are told to do something. This shows that you are being transparent with them and that they can trust you.


5. Using Foul Language

Well, this one goes without saying, however, it is normal for a person to get frustrated and use foul language under pressure. But you must remember at all times that you are a Leader and you are setting an example for your team with everything that you do. The last thing you want is to leave a negative impression of yourself or setting a bad example for your team. So, you should know how to control your frustration in front of your team to come across as an appropriate Team Leader.

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