16 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 40

things before you turn forty

5. Learn a new language.

Take some effort to learn and speak a new language in an excellent way. It can be any language you want from Spanish, German, or Japanese to Hawaiian or Tibetan. You can take a free online class or simply check tutorial videos on YouTube to learn a new language. It can lead to boundless opportunities.

6. Mentor someone.

Having to mentor someone and teach them what you’ve learned in your life can be a great experience and feel personally fulfilling. When you pass down all your experience and wisdom to a worthy protégé, it will make your journey seem more worthwhile. Moreover, the advice you offer others will add value to their lives and enable you to realize new things about your own self.

7. Volunteer.

Volunteering is a very spiritually fulfilling act that can genuinely enrich your experience as a human being. It is one of the highly essential things to do before 40, even if you do it just once. Matt Valentine writes “There’s something really special about volunteering your time to help another human being. It’s a feeling that can’t really be described, and it has the power to fundamentally change you in a positive way.”

8. Learn about other religious practices.

Irrespective of where you stand on religion, it can be a great idea to visit different religious cultures before turning forty, suggests Peter Economy. It can be something as simple as visiting a different church or service in your region or attending a religious cultural event in a different country.

The experience will help you gain a new perspective about life, religion, faith, and God. Peter explains “Visit a Buddhist temple, see a Catholic cathedral, enter a public prayer at a mosque. Be respectful, but open, and the experience will be enriching.”

16 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 40
16 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 40

9. Give yourself a makeover.

Completely change your look before you turn forty and you will feel a lot more confident and realize how truly awesome you are. Change your hairstyle or dye your hair a color you’ve never tried. Accessorize yourself. Drastically change your wardrobe and wear clothes that you think you can’t pull off.

Life is too short to worry about such small things. So change your look and see how it makes you feel. Be experimental and have fun.

10. Get a new pet.

Whether you already own a pet or not, it’s always great to have a new friend. Although it does come with some added responsibilities, the love and friendship you get in return is unparalleled. This is even more important if you’ve never had a pet.

Author Matt Valentine adds that if “you feel like you can take a little extra responsibility on your hands (because they take work, especially if it’s an active pet like a dog), then I highly suggest it.”

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11. Rock climb.

This should be on everyone’s list of things to do before they turn 40. Rock climbing is an exhilarating experience that is full of fun, thrill, and excitement. If you want to have a taste of adventure without being too wild, then rock climbing can be an awesome experience to have before you’re forty.

Matt says “You don’t have to defy death to experience the benefits. You could even just go to a rock-climbing center to climb a fake wall and you’ll have a blast (but the real thing is better).”

12. Pay off your debt.

In case you have debt, then it should be your goal to pay it off as much as you can by the time you are 40 years old. This should definitely be one of the things that you must do and dedicate all your energy to accomplishing. “The sheer sense of relief and freedom you experience once having done so is well worth the hard work (and it often leads to other opportunities),” writes Matt Valentine.

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