11 Things Common In Parents of Successful Kids According To Science

Things Common In Parents Successful Kids According Science

If the parents express their love to kids only when they reach their perfection benchmark and withhold it when they fumble, they will end up raising a kid who will be very insecure and unsure of himself.

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It is important for parents to instill in their kids the belief that they are always loved and supported and that love is not dependent on being perfect all the time.

6). They teach them resilience and discipline.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, it is the quality that enables people to “Go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Successful parents teach their kids the importance of resilience, perseverance, delaying gratification and discipline by showing them some tough love and encouraging them to work through their problems instead of giving up or looking for instant gratification.

This is why successful parents adopt the tactic of praising the kid for the effort instead of the result, to encourage them to preserve and work hard and not be daunted by failures and setbacks.

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7). They do not give in to all the demands of their kids

If parents give in to all the demands of their kids, they grow up with a feeling that they are the center of the universe and the whole world owes them.

These tactics make the child to grow up to be self-absorbed and self-centered without being sensitive to the needs of others around him.

It is important to raise the kid with the awareness of his duties and responsibilities and the work he needs to put in to get what he wants instead of thinking that the whole world owes him.

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8). They encourage dialogue with the kids

Successful parents encourage open and healthy communication with their kids. They actively listen to their kids.

It makes the kids feel important when their opinions are heard and it also cultivates in them the art of self-expression.

It also teaches the kids that lots of issues can be solved with open and healthy communication and this skill helps them immensely to have healthy communication patterns as they grow up.

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9). They themselves act as responsible adults and model right behavior

Children learn more through example than through words. They learn by observing everything around them and try to imitate that.

Successful parents teach their kids responsibility by acting in responsible ways. They act responsibly towards nature, fellow citizens and practice right behavior.

10). They understand their kids love language.

According to Gary Chapman, we have five love languages:

  1. Receiving gifts
  2. Quality time
  3. Words of affirmation
  4. Acts of service (devotion)
  5. And physical touch

Every person has his own love language i.e. the way he prefers to give and receive love.

Successful parents not only understand their kids love language but also communicate with them in that language.

It helps the child to feel loved and addresses all his emotional needs.

11). They don’t compare their kids with others.

Successful parents help the child to bring out his unique identity.

They don’t fall into the Comparison trap and do not force the kids to become something they are not. They do not burden their kids with unnecessary judgment and peer pressure.

They encourage the individuality of their kids and help them to uncover their unique talents and potential.

So, these are 11 things common in parents of successful kids according to science. What do you think, are you the parent of a successful kid? Share your thoughts in comments.

Things Common In Parents  Successful Kids According Science 
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