5 Things To Never Ignore If You Want A Healthy Relationship

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4. You Aren’t Making Each Other A Priority.

I know, I know. Life is crazy. There are children, and careers, and parents, and exercise, and TikTok, and Instagram, and TV. But there is also your relationship and it is important to make sure that it is taken into consideration, always.

What if I asked you where on that list above you would put your relationship. Would you put it first? Third? Fifth?  Choose one and take note.

Now, think about how that looks in real life. Do you treat your partner like they are first, third or fifth, or are they usually (or always) at the end of your list? Or perhaps you MEAN to make them first, third or fifth, and other things get in the way.

Try to think about your relationship like you do your job. You have to go to work every day and focus on the job so that you can get it done and get it done well. Can you have the same perspective in your relationships? Can you remember that it’s important to work on them every day, to get the job done well?

I would encourage you to make your relationship one of your top (if not your top) priorities and make sure that you stick to it. You would be amazed at how many little hurts can be overcome if your person knows that you make them a priority every day and never put them last.

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5. You Have Stopped Touching Each Other.

When you were first together, did you and your partner regularly touch? Did you hug, put your arms around each other as you walked down the street, hold hands at the movies? Was touching a normal part of your day, one that felt as natural as could be?

Do you do that anymore?

For many people, the first thing that goes as couples become disconnected from each other is touching. It isn’t because couples no longer care, but it’s that they no longer have the inclination, or the time, to do so. And letting go of touch is letting off a big part of a romantic connection.

Touch is incredibly important in an intimate relationship. And not necessarily just sex –  it’s important to hold hands, to hug, to pat someone’s butt as they walk by.

Touching your partner intimately sets that relationship apart from every other relationship in your life and being different makes that relationship special. If you continue to touch, if reaching for each other’s hand is still the norm and not the exception, then your relationship will have an excellent chance of staying healthy.

So, There You Go –  5 Things To Never Ignore If You Want A Healthy Relationship.

Remember, there are many lists out there of things you should do to have a healthy relationship but it’s really important to know the things not to ignore NOW if you want to make sure that your relationship stays strong.

If you have stopped communicating if you aren’t dealing with issues in a timely manner if you are making plans on your own if you put your partner at the end of your list and if you stop touching each other, these things are all signs that a healthy relationship could be in jeopardy.

I encourage you to take action right now, to not ignore these things, and to work WITH YOUR PARTNER to keep your relationship healthy. One person in a relationship can not do all the work to keep it healthy. It is a team effort so make sure that you share this list with your partner so that you can work together to keep your relationship and healthy and happy!

You can do it!

Written By: Mitzi Bockmann
Originally Appeared On: Let Your Dreams Begin
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5 Things To Never Ignore If You Want A Healthy Relationship
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