15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do

Things Narcissists Dont Do

12. They don’t show any loyalty.

Narcissists are escapists and weak people, who run at the first sign of responsibility. The moment they realize that they will need to be mature and grown-up enough to handle a serious situation or a serious relationship, they will pack their bags, leave, and never look back. How it affects you, and how much it pains you is the least of their concerns.

As long as everything is desirable and comfortable for them, they are all in. The moment it’s not and they are not the center of the Universe, they will flee.

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13. They don’t hang out with unattractive people.

Narcissists always pick people who will be of use to them, otherwise, they simply won’t hang out with them. You will always see them surrounded by powerful, successful, influential, and beautiful people. This makes them feel invincible, important, and superior. Narcissists might not be as successful, or beautiful, but just by being with such people, they feel like one of them.

Another reason why a narcissist hangs out with powerful people is so they will be able to exploit them whenever they want. They always have an ulterior motive for doing everything, and it’s the same case here too.

14. They will never compliment you.

Narcissists love getting compliments and thrive whenever the limelight is on them. But when the tables turn, and it is their turn to compliment someone else, they will never do it. They will never say anything good about someone else, due to their deep-seated insecurity and jealousy. A narcissist would rather die, than say something kind and good about someone else, but themselves.

15. They don’t believe in being polite.

Never expect a narcissist to be nice and polite to you, without any reason. Probably the only time they will be nice to you is when they will need something from you, otherwise, politeness is out of the question. They will say whatever they want to you, no matter how rude and hurtful it might be. Narcissists don’t care about other people’s feelings, and they never will.

Whenever you see these signs or even one of these signs in someone, then congratulations, you have met a narcissist. Just like you can deduce someone’s narcissism by the things they do, you can do the same by noticing what narcissists don’t do.

things narcissists dont do pin
15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do
15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do
Things Narcissists Dont Do pin
15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do

20 thoughts on “15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do”

  1. My oldest daughter is like this. Her father was the same way. i’ve been divorced from him for 30 yrs and it was a nightmare. now my daughter is living with me and it is a nightmare. everything mentioned in this article is her. i will never win even in my own home. i walk on eggshells, afraid that anything i say that she doesn’t like will always lead her to screaming at me and ridiculing. Hoping she will move out real soon.

  2. Cut your losses and RrrrUuuuuuNnnnnn!!!*@#!!!???!!!
    You’ll be ALL the better person for it!
    Then, & only then, can you start to heal!!!
    P.S. @Alexandra Hall: Great, informative article/ advice… how toxic/ negative/ twisted F*#kers they are!!!!!
    May I join you in the corner & cuddle your dog, too???!!
    Much appreciation & Thank you!

  3. But how can we write these people of without also being a bit narcissistic by believing our mentality is above theirs?? I believe one of my best friends may have npd. Well… former best friend? We were friends for 12yrs with a 4yr gap due to home being an absolute bastard sadly we are back at that point but I do feel that I should be able to have a friendship with someone who does not feel empathy so long as I could make him see value in maintaining a set of rules? If I could show him that I was valuable? Which I can’t and is the reason the friendship fell apart lmao… it’s so sad.

    1. Swsw Andriane

      Thank you so much for seeing it this way, I’m a diagnosed narc and I see so much hate towards narcissism as a disorder, do not forget no narcissist chose to be one. There are many, but NOT most, that truly want to develop their true personality and grow up from their childish narcissistic self

    2. You aren’t dehumanizing them to feed your ego. You are protecting yourself from a literal monster that lacks qualities that make us human such as: empathy, integrity, morals, respect for others, love, personal accountability and personal responsibility.

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