15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do

Things Narcissists Dont Do

5. They won’t let you prove them wrong.

In no circumstances will a narcissist ever be wrong, at least according to them. This is one of the things that narcissists don’t do, and that is admitting when they are wrong. Every time you try to hold them accountable, somehow they will manipulate the situation and make you out to be the guilty one.

They can argue till the cows come home, but they will never accept their faults. What happens ultimately? You come out of the conversation emotionally and mentally drained. You are the one who ends up getting affected by all the toxicity.

6. They never see others as their equals.

To say a narcissist is delusional is an understatement. It’s always them who is the best. The prettiest. The smartest. The wealthiest, and whatnot. In their imagination, they are nothing short of God, and no one can ever be equal to them. Others are simply inferior to them, and will always be inferior to them.

If you try to prove or show that you are their equal, they will do everything in their capacity to pull you down, so that they continue to feel like the superior being they think they are.

7. They don’t have a sliver of empathy in them.

Narcissists and empathy? Really doesn’t sit right, does it? Well, because it’s true! Narcissists do not have an ounce of empathy in themselves and don’t care at all about other people’s problems and difficulties. They are the ones who you will find laughing while watching a sad, heartbreaking movie.

They will be the ones who will ask you to come to the office despite knowing that your mother died. Caring about others and their sentiments is something that narcissists simply do not understand, mainly because they are incapable of it.

8. They never do anything that isn’t beneficial to them.

Narcissists will never do anything for you if it doesn’t serve their interests. If they are doing something nice for you, chances are they have some vested interests, and it is only with time that you will realize that. After doing the nice thing for you, they will ask you for a ton of favors, which will mostly serve their interests, and might even put you into trouble.

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9. They never take orders from anyone.

One thing that narcissists don’t do is that they refuse to take orders from anyone. They are so egoistic that they just cannot digest the fact that they will have to do what someone else is telling them to. It is a huge hit to their self-esteem when someone else tries to control them and their narrative in any way.

Chances are, a narcissist might even try to take revenge on you for this ‘unfairness’ and ‘blasphemy’ that you had the audacity to put them through.

10. They don’t like admitting that they have emotions.

Like everyone else, narcissists also have feelings, even though they will deny them. Most of the time, you will find them saying ‘I don’t have feelings’, no matter how much you might push them to say otherwise. But don’t think that they are good people underneath all that toxicity. When a narcissist declares that they don’t have feelings, they use it as an excuse for justifying their wrongdoings.

They will do the most horrible things to you, and if you confront them about it, they will cite the excuse of them not having feelings and not understanding the hurt and pain they caused you.

11. They don’t listen to what you have to say.

Whenever you come across a narcissist, you will notice that this is one of the many things that they don’t like to do. Either they will not listen to what you have to say, or they will pretend to listen and wait for you to shut your mouth so that they can talk. Your opinions, thoughts, and emotions don’t matter to them in the slightest, and they don’t care if you feel bad about that.

As long as they are getting to talk about themselves, and talk about what they think and believe in, everything’s right and just in the world. They might keep on ranting, but when it’s your turn, it annoys them to no end.

20 thoughts on “15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do”

  1. My oldest daughter is like this. Her father was the same way. i’ve been divorced from him for 30 yrs and it was a nightmare. now my daughter is living with me and it is a nightmare. everything mentioned in this article is her. i will never win even in my own home. i walk on eggshells, afraid that anything i say that she doesn’t like will always lead her to screaming at me and ridiculing. Hoping she will move out real soon.

  2. Cut your losses and RrrrUuuuuuNnnnnn!!!*@#!!!???!!!
    You’ll be ALL the better person for it!
    Then, & only then, can you start to heal!!!
    P.S. @Alexandra Hall: Great, informative article/ advice… how toxic/ negative/ twisted F*#kers they are!!!!!
    May I join you in the corner & cuddle your dog, too???!!
    Much appreciation & Thank you!

  3. But how can we write these people of without also being a bit narcissistic by believing our mentality is above theirs?? I believe one of my best friends may have npd. Well… former best friend? We were friends for 12yrs with a 4yr gap due to home being an absolute bastard sadly we are back at that point but I do feel that I should be able to have a friendship with someone who does not feel empathy so long as I could make him see value in maintaining a set of rules? If I could show him that I was valuable? Which I can’t and is the reason the friendship fell apart lmao… it’s so sad.

    1. Swsw Andriane

      Thank you so much for seeing it this way, I’m a diagnosed narc and I see so much hate towards narcissism as a disorder, do not forget no narcissist chose to be one. There are many, but NOT most, that truly want to develop their true personality and grow up from their childish narcissistic self

    2. You aren’t dehumanizing them to feed your ego. You are protecting yourself from a literal monster that lacks qualities that make us human such as: empathy, integrity, morals, respect for others, love, personal accountability and personal responsibility.

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