15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do

 July 24, 2016

15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do


6. They don’t see others as their equals

Narcissists believe they are on top of the world – they don’t believe anyone is on the same level as them. They have a horizontal view of other people as compared to themselves.

Others are always below them. If you try and associate yourself with them as an equal, then they will do anything in their power to bring you down so they are on top once again.


7. They never have sympathy

These are the kinds of people who laugh while everyone cries during a sad movie. They don’t really care that your mother just went through a divorce or your parent just died. They don’t care about your feelings and they’re tired of hearing about your recent breakup or job loss.

Don’t get it wrong ; a narcissist WILL cry, will show that they are broken but everything is a decorative farce to manipulate you. Their tears are crocodile tears. Even if they care, you will be able to feel that it’s entirely insincere and superfluous. Even if they display their emotions, it doesn’t run deep.


8. They don’t do anything that doesn’t benefit them

They didn’t buy you dinner out of the kindness of their heart.

They are probably going to ask you for a world of favors afterwards. Narcissists don’t do anything without a purpose to benefit them. Not giving a narcissist what they want is the last thing you want to do.


9. They don’t take orders from others

Don’t try to order a narcissist around. They are egotistical people, and trying to take control is a big hit to their self-esteem. It wouldn’t be surprising to later find yourself in a plot for vengeance later on, just for trying to take control of a narcissist.


10. They don’t like to admit they have feelings

Narcissist if not, everyone has feelings. They undoubtedly feel emotions differently to other people but a narcissist will often say: “I don’t have feelings.”

This is of course an excuse for all the horrible things they can sometimes do. They use the pretence of not knowing how emotions work to get away with anything without people thinking badly of them. If they say they don’t feel emotions they get the license to hurt you.


11. They don’t listen

They don’t listen; they just wait for you to shut up so they can say what’s on their mind. They really don’t care about what you have to say, all they’re concerned about is your willingness to listen to them rant on and on, sans any guilt of course.


12. They don’t stick around

If you’re starting to bore them in any friendship or relationship, expect a narcissist to pack up and leave. They are least bothered about the effect they will have on you, after they leave.

They want attention, and if you aren’t giving them what they want then don’t expect them to stick around.


13. They don’t pick unattractive friends

As mentioned, narcissists don’t do anything that doesn’t benefit them. Picking friends is one of those examples. They surround themselves with attractive and upper-class people making them feel more superior and invincible.

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