9 Things A Narcissist Will Never Do For You (or Anyone Else)



(8) They will not do anything for you:

A narcissist doesn’t understand the meaning of reciprocation. Everything has to be about them. They will not do anything which makes you feel good, which makes you happy. A narcissist will only do things which make them happy.


(9) They will never love you:

A narcissist might claim to love you but that’s fake. A narcissist cannot love anyone but themselves. If they express their love, that will be just to support their stance that they love you. They don’t feel for you. Had they really loved you, they would have done all the things discussed above.


Living with a narcissist will cost you drainage of your emotions. There will be times you will feel angry, frustrated or depressed. It’s better to live without them than living with them.

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9 Things A Narcissist Will Never Do For You (or Anyone Else)2

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