3 Things A Man Does Which Makes A Woman Feel Deeply Attached To Him

3 Things A Man Does Which Makes A Woman Feel Deeply Attached To Him


3. Meet her need for affection

We all want to be loved, adored and cherished, so these desires are part of the third ingredient in Schutz’s theory. And understanding which of the five love languages you and your girlfriend speak, as well as what each language represents, is a great way to meet your woman where she is.

According to the theory first written about by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate to Your Mate, each of us have a primary (and, typically, a secondary) love language which is the manner in which you naturally prefer to both express and receive love.

If words of appreciation are of primary importance to a woman, she loves it when a man expresses his thoughts about her intelligence, beauty and other positives attributes with frequent compliments.

When women prefer receiving gifts, tokens of your appreciation, such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry and the like, confirm to her that your feelings are true.

Some feel most loved when their boyfriend is there to perform acts of service or devotion, such as making sure she always has a full tank of gas, taking the trash out to the sidewalk on the day it will be picked up, or fixing broken items around the house.


Another way some women prefer to give and receive love is through physical touch. A woman who speaks this love language may be especially eager not only to have sex, but to cuddle with you as you watch TV, or to feel your hand resting on her knee as you drive.

Finally, there are women who most fully feel your love when you share quality time together. When you make sure to be home at a certain time so the two of you can catch up, or you carve out one day per week to spend only with her, she feels safe and secure in your love for her.

The more you learn about your partner’s love language, the more you can meet them where they are and make them feel loved, adored and cherished.

And if you manage to make a woman feel loved, while also fulfilling her basic needs for a degree of control and inclusion … well then, you will have mastered your way to deep attachment and to making her fall madly in love with you in return.

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Written by Maria Appelqvist, PhD.
Originally appeared on Yourtango.com

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3 Things A Man Does Which Makes A Woman Feel Deeply Attached To Him

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