5 Things I Learned From The Movie “How to be Single”

Things learned from movie be single

Self-love is knowing your limits. It’s learning to sleep in the middle of the bed and not the side (if you know what I mean). It’s about reading books, spending time with your best friend, learning to live in an empty apartment all by yourself, and being okay with it. 

Self-love isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes it’s also about facing our worst fears and learning to deal with them.

5 Things I Learned From The Movie “How to be Single”

4. Work on your goals

Alice wanted to watch the sunrise on New Year’s Day on the top of the Grand Canyon. Seems easy when someone just lists it out on their New Year resolutions but quite difficult to master. She figured that if she didn’t work on her goals or resolutions she would never be able to do it. One of the greatest things I learned from the movie how to be single was to work on your goals. No matter how hard it may seem or even if you are alone, it is possible to achieve what you set your mind to. 

Alice practiced rock climbing every day at the gym, assessed herself, and sorted out all the skills she needed to do to make this dream come true. It may take some time but it is worth it.

5. Everyone must experience the joy of being single

One of the things that really stuck with me was this quote Alice said in the end. 

“The thing about being single is, you should cherish it. Because, in a week, or a lifetime, of being alone, you may only get one moment. One moment, when you’re not tied up in a relationship with anyone. A parent, a pet, a sibling, a friend. One moment, when you stand on your own. Really, truly single. And then… It’s gone.”

I think it’s important to experience the joy of being single. One of the greatest joys of singlehood is learning to do things on your own without needing anyone’s help. Sometimes we all need help. But you will see what I mean about doing things on your own when you experience it. You should cherish this wonderful experience with yourself. This means going out with yourself to the movies or eating by yourself. Cherish doing whatever it is you love doing. Some of us think it’s weird to eat alone or go to the movies alone. But one of the greatest lessons I learned from the movie how to be single is that the feeling of going out with yourself is legendary and amazing.

5 Things I Learned From The Movie “How to be Single”

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You define how you want to be single. You can choose to be miserable and think of meeting a guy every single day of your single life or you can choose to experience and explore it to the fullest. Instead of searching for a partner who you believe will make you happy, learn to be happy with yourself. How can someone else know how to love you, if you don’t know how to love yourself.

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