Things I would like to do with you

Things I would like to do with you

I would lay with you
On the green grass
Under the expansive sky
Soaking in the starry night
I would gather all the sparkle from the stars
and put it where it belongs
into your eyes.

I would pull you closer
And put my head
On your chest
To feel your heartbeat
Raw and intense.

I would embrace
The “you” in “you”
That you hide from
yourself too.
I would hug you so tight
The fireworks will
fix the void inside.

I would kiss your
forehead and stroke your hair
I would kiss away the heartbreak and tears.
I would kiss away the pain and the fears.

I would kiss your neck
and run a finger down your back
I would follow your footsteps
and dance on the music of ecstacy.

Because baby we don’t need words to communicate
You would know what’s on my mind
and I would know what’s on yours.

This is not romance
This is not lust
This is not even common love
We are intertwined at the soul
Baby you feel like home.