20 Things I Wish I Could Say To The Sad Eyed Girl I Used To Be

the sad eyed girl i used to be

16. Get Over Your Imposter Syndrome. 

Any successes you have…you earned. Any happiness you feel…you deserve. The good things that are happening to you, are not because you tricked others into thinking you’re something that you’re not.

You are good at what you do and you work extremely hard. All of the positive vibes coming your way is a result of being the amazing person you truly are.

17. Stop Being Self-Destructive. 

Stop making things difficult or ruining relationships and moments that could be great. As Stephen Chbosky says in the Perks of Being a Wallflower, “We accept the love we think we deserve…”

And believe me, you deserve better than what you’re settling for. Stop pushing away people that could be good for you. Stop thinking that you’re not worthy. You’re a genuinely good person. And good people deserve to be with good people.

18. Don’t Regret Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve.

Don’t feel embarrassed over your grand gestures of love, or saying “I love you,” first. You will not regret this in the future. What you will regret, is making those feelings unknown. It is always better to regret something you said than something you didn’t.

19. Don’t Open Up Those Credit Cards! 

Sure, you’re a broke college student, but don’t let “free food just for applying” entice you. The free pizza you get is not worth the mounds of debt you will accumulate. And no, you will not have the willpower to “not use the card” when it comes in the mail.

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20. And Lastly, If You Love Someone, Say It. 

Often times when you’re young, you think that you will have many deep relationships and connect with a million different people as you get older. The truth is, there will only be a handful.

Cherish the people you love now and maintain the close friendships you have. It is a rare thing when two souls align. And when they do, don’t take it for granted.

Written By Syrah Caparas 
Originally Appeared In Thought Catalog

Growing up is hard, and learning all the tough life lessons is probably harder. You are not the young girl you used to be, you have grown and matured into a girl who has been through her fair share of struggles and has survived.

Be the girl you can be proud of. Be the girl who never gives up. And most importantly, be the girl who knows life is tough, but still keeps going.

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20 Things I Wish I Could Say To The Sad Eyed Girl I Used To Be
the sad eyed girl i used to be pin
20 Things I Wish I Could Say To The Sad Eyed Girl I Used To Be
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