20 Things You Do Differently Because You’re A Highly Sensitive Person


How your body works differently

17. You will always try to adjust the volume and colors on your TV

You will always try to adjust the color and volume of you gadgets because even a little extra audio visual stimulation can overwhelm you.

People don’t get your obsession with adjusting the volume but a loud volume is not just annoying, it can be physically exhausting for you.


18. You are very sensitive to fragrances

Since, you have hyperactive sensory system; you are very sensitive to all types of fragrances.

You can use this knowledge to utilize calming fragrances like lavender to soothe your senses and stay away from strong fragrances that can exhaust you.


19. You are sensitive to caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants

If you are an HSP, you should try to limit your consumption of stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, spicy food and other prescription drugs.


20. Your body is sensitive to fluctuations in blood sugar

Have you noticed when you are hungry; you get really irritable and unfocused. It’s because you are really sensitive to fluctuations in your blood sugar level.


Do you think being a highly sensitive person is a curse?

Let us know in the comments section what your views are on being a highly sensitive person. 

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Things You Do Differently Because You are A Highly Sensitive Person


  1. I see a lot of my path in the things you have described. I know that solitude is the cure-all for me. My husband laughs when his friends come over and my response is to go find a book and disengage. I have also found that empathy laden souls don’t hunt for problems we acknowledge too much for us to be nosey. Thank you for putting a voice to our plight.

  2. I feel grateful for reading this. There used to be a time when I wanted to turn myself into a robot, so that I would not have so much emotions. I felt my overwhelming emotion was such a weakness. The boss and colleague of the place I used to work constantly told me to control my feelings. I felt terrible about myself. Thank God I left there.