20 Things You Do Differently Because You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

5. Even a normal day at work can get really exhausting

What is normal for some people can turn really exhausting for you due to your heightened senses.

A normal day at work, being stuck in traffic or a visit to a crowded shopping mall can exhaust your senses due to hyper stimulation.

Most of the times you squeeze in a couple of minutes of silence for yourself during the day or you head straight to your bedroom when you return home to recharge yourself.


6. You are extremely observant of people and surroundings

Being an HSP, you are extremely observant of people and surroundings. You will tend to notice a change in someone’s tone when they are angry or a twinkle in someone’s eyes when they are happy or stress in someone’s life by their frown before anyone else can.

Your observation and intuition about people’s feelings are almost always on point.


In Solitude


7. You have some particular morning or bedtime rituals

You like to follow certain routines and rituals because they give you a sense of safety and comfort. You like certainty and familiarity and change can be quite stressful for you.

While subconsciously you know that change is inevitable and you cannot do much to control the outside people or circumstances, so you try to instill small daily rituals in your life to ground and anchor yourself.


8. You can get really worked up by strict deadlines

Nobody likes to work under strict deadlines but for yo deadlines can make you really shaky and nervous. You like to be very detail oriented and like to do a lot of research to finish tasks to perfection.

Any sort of time pressure can leave you with panic or anxiety attacks.

9. You can deeply be moved by art and beauty

You have a knack for understanding and appreciating the subtlety of art and beauty. A piece of music, a painting, a good poem or the hues of sunset can move you deeply and leave you feeling mesmerized.

You have a sense of wonder and curiosity due to your heightened senses and tend to be awed by the beauty surrounding you.

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Shweta Advanihttps://writershwetaadvani.wordpress.com/
An HR consultant by profession, a slam poet and freelance writer.Avid reader,dancer and yoga enthusiast. When I am not reading or writing, I star gaze or take long walks in nature.
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  1. I see a lot of my path in the things you have described. I know that solitude is the cure-all for me. My husband laughs when his friends come over and my response is to go find a book and disengage. I have also found that empathy laden souls don’t hunt for problems we acknowledge too much for us to be nosey. Thank you for putting a voice to our plight.

  2. I feel grateful for reading this. There used to be a time when I wanted to turn myself into a robot, so that I would not have so much emotions. I felt my overwhelming emotion was such a weakness. The boss and colleague of the place I used to work constantly told me to control my feelings. I felt terrible about myself. Thank God I left there.