10 Indulgent Ideas For Mother’s Day

Ideas For Mothers Day

6. Have an ice cream party at home.

Is there really anything better than gorging on ice cream, and that too during summer? Organize a ‘Sundae and Ice Cream’ party at home by setting up an ice cream bar with different flavors of ice creams, and a lot of different toppings. Turn your kitchen or drawing room into an ice cream parlor, and build your own sundaes, the way you used to do when you were a kid. So go ahead and make your favorite Mint Chocolate Chip with Hot Fudge Sundae, and have the best Mother’s Day ever!

7. Indulge in some much-needed alone time.

Go back to those days before you became a parent, and think about how much more simpler and relaxed your life was. What do you miss the most? The answer is probably having some alone time and doing what you want to do to unwind. Be it getting a pedicure, or watching a movie by yourself, you had a lot of spare time in your hands, but now, not really; you are always busy with something or the other.

So, this is the perfect day for some much-awaited me-time, and make sure that you indulge in it to the fullest. Spending some time alone occasionally can make you feel more better and peaceful, mentally.

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8. Plan a romantic, candlelight dinner with your husband.

Breakfast in bed might sound blissful with your kids, but you also deserve to have some romantic time with your husband…without the kids. Once you tuck them in for the night, spend some quality time with your husband, by having a nice, romantic candlelight dinner with him. Talk about yourselves, have some good food and drinks, indulge in some romance, and have a nice time with each other. Who knows when you will be able to do this next?

9. Monopolize the remote controller.

Most of the time, you let your kids watch what they want to watch on TV and listen to what they want to listen to on the stereo. But this day is for you, and it is all about you! So, don’t hesitate to take over the remote controller and watch movies YOU want to watch, and listen to the music YOU want. Take this time for yourself, and get some much-needed self-pampering done to your senses. Again, Mother’s Day is about what you want to do, because you deserve every bit of it.

10. Spoil yourself with some wine while having a bubble bath.

Is there anything more heavenly and blissful than having a glass of wine while you are relaxing in a bubble bath? Hardly any! This is one of the forms of self-care, where you take a break from all your responsibilities and duties and focus on having a peaceful time. Self-care is important for having a clear and happy mind, and also helps with your mental health. When you take time out for yourself and pamper yourself, it helps your self-esteem too. If you don’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of others?

So, these are some cozy and fun ideas for you to try out on Mother’s Day and have a day of pure self-indulgence. Which ones are you going to do? Let us know in the comments down below!

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10 Indulgent Ideas For Mother's Day
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