7 Things You Must Do To Be A Better Relationship Partner

 December 31, 2017

7 Things You Must Do To Be A Better Relationship Partner


5-Defend their perspective

Rather than overreacting, try to maintain your calm in situations where you have the potential to ruin your relationship. Sometimes, holding back words can save your relationship. It is not necessary that you will agree with them on everything but what you can do is give it a thought. A good thought. Before jumping to a conclusion try to see things from their perspective. A lot of times, this alone can solve huge relationship issues.


6-Take authority

There will be a lot of times in your relationship where you will have to make some important decisions. You have two choices, either you complain about how things are or you take charge and settle it. It is always advisable to take authority in tough situations and be the mature one. If complaining is not helping then just declare. But before you declare anything make sure you are complaining about a valid thing.


7-Water your side of grass

Even if you’re in love with them, you can’t deny that they have some really annoying habits. And honestly, they do get on your nerves sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly. There can be little things that they do to annoy you a lot. Maybe they don’t text too often or maybe they don’t make it on time to a date. Understand that it’s ok. They are just a human. And instead of constantly counting things that they do wrong, keep a close watch on things you do wrong.


Lastly, I just wanted to tell you that love is worth everything. There are going to be dark days, but if you both are genuinely in love then don’t give up. As they always say “One thing we DO know is that whether you’ve loved and won — or loved and lost, it’s ALWAYS worth it.”

7 Things You Must Do To Be A Better Relationship Partner

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