Things A Narcissist Say and their Meaning

 October 01, 2018

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Things A Narcissist Say and their Meaning

Your statements and their meaning

U will never mean to me, what my dad means to me, ( You mean nothing to me)

U make me miserable ( i ‘ve been seeing other women)

How do u want it

It’s happening( its been over for me for two years, I can’t stand u, but love me)

It’s over( u are in my way & I want her, & I don’t care how much u love me, I hate u & I don’t care what it does to u, u are not my problem)

How about I send this  to ( we know who)  someone else, (because it don’t mean shit to me, that it’s a token of your love for me.)

How about I give this to her

I wonder if she would be short with me( because I’m trying o hard to empress her because I want her so bad that I’ll humiliate & degrade & expose u, just for her to see, & know I’m done with u)

I only had sex with you because I was pressured ( because I want to give her the passion I once gave u, & I want u to know it)

Where is my future wife, I picked some berries just for her, don’t give them to anybody else?

I picked her some flowers too( jokingly was serious as hell! )

Those other women are just friends

I love you ( until I get along with one of them)

I swear on my mothers grave

I never cheated on you( because I’ll tell u anything to make u believe whatever I say)

I love you beyond the universe

Like storybook love( because storybooks are fiction too, just as am I fake as hell)

I’ll love you forever( until I get bored)

I have never even kissed another woman since we have been together ( ( none that I’ll ever admit)

You don’t love me, I think u care( really I don’t love u, nor do I care)

I’m not talking bad about you( I don’t mention u at all mostly, because u mean nothing to me, my reason for devaluing u, so u know)

I don’t keep secrets from you( I don’t owe u the truth)

I don’t lie to you( every is a lie)

I sleep better when I’m with you( let me suck u in, just to hurt u a bit more)

I can’t sleep over there( I don’t want to see u or talk to u, u loving me now is pointless because there are so many women)

Just be patient( until I secure, another supply to pump my arrogant ego)

There is nobody else ( there is everybody else, I’m bored with you,)

I’ll be there tonight, I promise ( wit for me bitch)

I never chased you( more than a dozen times)

This is what I want ( u to believe)


AGAIN ( ur stupid if u believe that lie, but I don’t care either way)


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