They Say Men Must Be Rough And Tough

They Say Men Must Be Rough And Tough

They say men must be rough and tough

Should bear  all things enough

Should contain all emotions within

By the layer of thick skin

Should love his children and wife

Should bring all happiness in their life.

But they forget to say what real men do

Listen to not just his but others view

Respect the old and women

Fight for them be it single or ten

Should be able to take a quick decision

No matter how hard the mission

Real men also cry out his emotions

When it takes hard for him to contain the big oceans

Which does not mean he is weak or meek

At that moment he wants someone to speak.

Of course, the men are stereotyped too

What he shouldn’t and what he should do

Sadly if they know the real you.

But can they define who the real you?

Immaterial of the hardships men go through

The problems he faces if you really knew.

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  1. Avatar of Dadiva

    “Be a man, they say”. The word man has been used in various of ways to describe a gender, behavior, or trait. Man have been stereotyped by society and the feelings of a man are often disgarded. Great message.

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