They Say Love is Blind

They Say Love is Blind

They say love is blind. I disagree.
infatuation is blind, love is all-seeing
and accepting.
Love is seeing all the flaws and blemishes
and accepting them. Love is accepting the
bad habits and mannerisms and working
around them. Love is recognizing all the
fears and insecurities, and knowing your role
is to comfort. Love is working through all
the challenges and painful times.
Infatuation is fragile and will shatter when life is not
Love is strong and it strengthens
because it is real.

18 thoughts on “They Say Love is Blind”

  1. Avatar of Gail Metcalf

    Love is not accepting all bad mannerisms and habits…love is wanting to deal with the cause of issues that are marring the relationship…and loving someone enough to do it…relationships are always a work in progress

  2. Avatar of Perry Dave

    Love has no particular definition it’s a feeling which flowing with blood.. Love has no reason and religion but Love develop tremendous bonding with someone who stays in our hearts and flying in passing air….to Love someone is an art … Real love is a God’s gift to real person…
    because I love someone desperately and that person is passed away.

  3. Avatar of Alberto Diazgranados

    Love is not of that at all. This is hatred. Love will correct, and make sure you walk in the right path. Hatred will disregard everything you do or say cause it does not care about you, and your future.

  4. Avatar of Debbie Hunnicutt

    Love is not 50-50,it’s both putting in 100% it’s letting God be first and letting Him guide you in the relationship. I’m speaking from experience if God wasn’t in mine and Danny’s relationship in the early we would never had the problem we had. Yes we still have our ups and downs but with God and our love for each other we get through all the trials Satan throws our way. Love is being there for each other no matter what, lots of communication, excepting each other’s fault, I could go on. Speaking personally love is when you look at someone and see what they are doing for you and accepting and helping you get through your problems that is love. And I fall more in love with Danny every day, I can feel the love in my heart. Didn’t mean to write a story, but I wrote what is in my heart

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