They laugh at me, because I am different

They laugh at me, because I am different

” They laugh at me Because I am Different I Laugh at them Because they’re all The same ” -Kurt Cobain

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  1. Exactly! They're the very definition of all that's droll and insignificant in this life for me. They think they're living when in all actuality, they're but flickers of the mass of unsubstantial ghosts that exist solely in the corner of my eye. Only worth a haphazard and occasional glance out of pure boredom when feeling the need for a very fleeting and simplistic amusement. Just an unpleasant sideshow of a three ring circus that exists on the outskirts of the things in my life that I truly find interesting and meaningful. I laugh at their bland existence as they stumble along amongst each other, jostling for position and stature as just another pretentious sheep amongst many in a herd full of fools. Shamefully wasting all the true joy that life has to offer those that have the courage to stand apart.

  2. It's a beautiful game of thoughts I think according to my point of view and consider m different from others,and others think according to individuals point of view it's a simply game and all are walking around with breathing on the same earth. nothing is different nothing is completely new it's all mind.

  3. Hahaha. Well said. People love to see the reflections on person as they ate accustomed with. In the same way society like to see the same. Society can not accept slightly different thuoght, different thinking process, different perception so long it is recognised or approved by the people of higher stratum of society or media or by institutions. People can't come out from their limited idea, narrow perception. Even if someone try to extend their cooperation , they start think otherwisely. It is probably the reflection of a backward mindset of our society Very first question haunt in their mind why the person inclined to extend his or her coperation. There must be something intention. Even in Indian public vehicle if someone left his seat to a mother carrying a baby , a section of people give their expression in such a way that the man who left his own sit had done the foolest work in the world. Recently one of my friend allowed an old lady to purchase a ticket of a local train and there was long queue behind my friend. The old lady requested my friend if she fails to avail the next train , she will have to wait for another 1 hour. It was matter of 30 seconds to issue a ticket but a cacophony and clamour with a deep insulting tone hurled at my friend from well dressed queue.A large selection of people view life from the very narrow perspectives and they think theyare the most intelligent people and will gain from any situation by hook or by crook.Their selfish analysis alwas inhibit to become wise and flexible. Their thinking start with a selfish note" what is my gain from here"!!. so the moral of the story is you do your own with caring attitude and let others live in their selfish paradise.

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